Hello everyone, Welcome to Tokyo!
My name is Mamiko Toyoda and I’m a Para-Badminton athlete.
I become a Ambassador of the Asia Junior Sports Exchange Games 2016.
I had a very good time that I participated and played badminton especially at the cultural exchange of last year. We were able to actually play and enjoy together with wheelchair athletes including me and non-wheelchair athletes.
Badminton is going to be official Paralympic event for the first time at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. but even so, wheelchair badminton is not so popular sports in the world yet.
We have four years left for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.
For this big event, I am trying hard to more people to know how exciting this sports.
Starting from this year, handicapped-athletes could join this event. I hope this will strengthen our cultural exchange through badminton. I hope all the participants to enjoy your self and understanding each other.
Thank you in advance.



2015: Indonesia International SU 5 Women’s Singles Champion
2015: World Championship SU 5 Women’s Singles 2nd place, SL 3-SU 5 Women’s Doubles 3rd place
2nd Para-Badminton World Ranking Women SU 5 Single as of July 2016